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large gold filled hoop
Large thin 14k gold filled endless hoops
oversized gold filled hoops

Large thin 14k gold filled endless hoops

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These babies are pretty awesome!  They're a nice light weight throwback to the classic hoop earrings.

These hoops come in two sizes and are 14k gold filled

Large measures approx 40 mm in diameter (1.5 inches) wide. 

Oversized measures 65 mm in diameter (2.55 inches)

They are an endless hoop. 


CARE - To increase the longevity of your pieces we suggest the following
  • Refrain from wearing while showering, bathing, physical activity or swimming
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes and other irritants
  • Store in the airtight packaging when not wearing
  • Handle with care and avoid dropping or scratching item